JFK In Pop Culture

John F. Kennedy was the 35th president from January 31st, 1961 until his assassination on November 22, 1963. It is common knowledge that Kennedy was in Dallas Texas as he traveled in a motorcade when Lee Harvey Oswald killed him. He was the sole perpetrator of the assassination and Oswald was also assassinated two days later on November 24. Lyndon B Johnson the current vice president then became president just minutes after J.F.K was pronounced dead.

J.F.K has become a pop culture icon because of all the conspiracies that surround him even including the “Happy Birthday Mr. President” that was sung by the glamorous Marilyn Monroe. This song had affair rumors flying back in the day.  I enjoy conspiracies theories! I am not saying I believe in them, but it is interesting how different people can take a set of information and interpret it in their own way. So who killed J.F.K and what is up with the newly released files?

The Mafia took him out. This conspiracy implies that a Chicago mobster had the money power and influence to have J.F.K killed because of Robert Kennedy push to stop the mobster’s drug activity. What makes this theory appealing to others is because Lee Harvey Oswald is killed by Jack Ruby who had connections with the Chicago Mobster.

Lyndon Johnson was behind it.  A theory suggests that Richard Nixon and Jackie Kennedy believe this theory because Johnson had the most to gain from J.F.K’s death. Most of the evidence to back this claim up is based on rumors.

The Oswald Conspiracies. One theory suggests that the KGB hired Oswald to assassinate Kennedy because he was an undercover Soviet agent. However, this theory did not hold up as later released documents suggested that Russia actively avoided recruiting Oswald as they deemed him mentally unstable.

Another theory involving Oswald linked him to the New Orleans Conspiracy where a right-wing businessman got Oswald to be the patsy since the businessman did not want peace negotiations to begin with Russia. The plan was to hire Oswald, arrange the shooting, and get back to New Orleans that night. The businessman was later arrested and went to trial over these allegations, but the jury found the case groundless and dismissed it.

The third conspiracy directly involving Oswald proposes that he couldn’t have fired the shot that killed Kennedy. The conspiracy states that Oswald was shooting from a 60-year-old rifle that was hard to aim let alone almost impossible to shoot three shots in eight seconds. It also stated that Oswald was not that great of a marksman. Later investigation proved this theory false because his wife said he always was practicing with this gun and Oswald did have a marine background. When the shooting of J.F.K occurred, he was only 90 meters away from Oswald and J.F.K. was moving slowly. In the marines, they practiced shooting at 200 meters, so J.F.K wasn’t even half the distance Oswald was used to shooting. Also, the Warren Commission and even CBS news organization duplicated the shot several years later with the same model weapon and overall conditions and proved that it was possible to take the shots within 8 seconds with most marksmen hitting the target 2 out of 3 times.

Some of the files revealed that;

  • The FBI knew there was a threat to Oswald life before he died.
  • Oswald contacted the Soviet Embassy inquiring about a visa.
  • The documents stated that the CIA looked into whether Hitler was alive in Venezuela
  • Several memos revealed plots to kill Castro from poisoning his swimsuits, to putting a bounty on his head, although the price of his head has been debated.
  • A CIA document notes they were looking into Martin Luther King’s companions thinking most of them had communist ties.

For more information visit http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/26/politics/jfk-file-release-highlights/index.html

Terrifying Social Media Game – or Hoax?

Parents around the globe are filled with anxiety, as police warn of the possibility of a new game on social media, called the 48 Hour Facebook Challenge.

A mother in Northern Ireland claimed her daughter was missing due to the game.  Though no one knows for sure if the game is real, the threat is alarming for parents, especially in the Texarkana area. Snopes.com says the game is a hoax.

The rules of the game have kids trying to earn points by having their names mentioned in Facebook posts or by receiving likes and shares for posts featuring them after their staged disappearance.  Participants in the challenge have 48 hours to get the highest score, before coming forward and letting everyone know they are safe.

In the past two weeks, three teens have gone missing in Texarkana; 15-year-old Austin Ariniello, 14-year-old Justyn Coe, and 17-year-old Spencer Martin.  Austin Ariniello has been located and is safe.  Spencer Martin, had only a BOLO (Be on the Look Out) issued for him.  There have been no follow-up stories on the whereabouts of the other two teens.  There is no evidence to suggest these teens had anything to do with the 48 Hour Challenge.  And furthermore, there are no confirmed reports of anyone participating in the game.  Still, parents are fearful.

Facebook is currently investigating this sick game.  Keep up with this story in Eagle Eye.

The Need For History

Anthony L. Hamilton

I have been paying really close attention to the things that are going on, not just in the United States, but all over the world recently, and in my eyes, the 1960s are repeating right now.

In the 1960s we were involved in a war we couldn’t win called Vietnam. This war ruined the lives of countless American military personnel, and frankly it was a war that we should have never become involved in.

Fast forward to the present, President Obama has his own Vietnam to deal with, and we are involved some missions that we shouldn’t be involved in.

We are dealing with people who have no conscience, and will do almost anything for the sake of trying to dispel Democracy.

The sad thing is that a lot of these terrorists were actually trained by our military supposedly enabling them to fight other groups in their regions, yet they continue to turn on us, and people seem to have no idea why we have trouble defeating them on the battlefield.

My problem with the whole thing is that those people have been fighting since Biblical times, so how does anyone think they’re going to react when we go on their soil and try to force our way of life on them? I don’t by any means condone what they do, but how does any person feel when someone else tries to force their way of living on them? You will constantly get rebellion.

I am a retired military member, and there are two blatant mistakes being made that are going to make war increasingly difficult to win. The first is the fact that the media has too much access to military operations. Every time a news anchor on location signs on and tells where they are, not only are they telling the American people, but they are also tipping off the enemy. This began towards the end of my career, and at that point, the writing was on the wall.

America has also shifted too much towards relying on technology instead of manpower to try and win wars. In the process, military numbers have shrunk to the point that soon it will be impossible to protect home, and fight war abroad, and as far as using technological warfare, the Chinese have shown they are superior in this area. Should we ever enter a war against them (as I personally believe), not only will we be outnumbered, but most technology comes from China, so they know just how to “run interference” and make sure your weaponry is not functioning properly.

I believe (and this is strictly my opinion) that China is watching and waiting for that time when our enemies get our military forces spread too thin to protect our borders, and they will do what they’re going to do. (Those of us who are Christians, if you read Revelations, it speaks to this happening.)

Back in the 1980s a treaty was signed that was meant to cut down on the nuclear arsenal of Russia, and the United States. Now China has ballistic missile submarines, and Russia is building a new class of that type of submarines, and both have the capability of dropping a nuclear warhead on the United States.

I had a young man on Facebook during a discussion ask how knowing history would help us move forward. To him, I replied that knowing history helps to keep history from repeating itself. So I close with this question: when history is allowed to repeat itself, you have old problems rearing their (sometimes) ugly head, and then you have to solve them. At that point, are you really moving forward?

Nobel Literature Winner Puts Belarus on the Map

Garrett Griffin

Svetlana Alexievich in 2015     Courtesy of Deutsche Welle

Svetlana Alexievich in 2015                                                  Courtesy of Deutsche Welle


When one thinks of Belarus, what normally comes to mind? You may get a response such as “It’s that country somewhere by Russia” or even “Bela-what?” Now, though, everyone will know it as the country from which the first woman, Svetlana Alexievich, to win the Nobel Peace Prize in journalism calls home.

Alexievich is well-known for her hard-line writing of events in plain language that conjure gut-wrenching pictures in the minds of her readers. Much of her writing works to cross a divide that exists in literature whereby the story is not told in her own voice but in that of a non-conceited voice of an oral historian. Her goal is communicate basic human feeling and by this method she executes this without implanting unintended biases. The topics of her works all revolve around the histories of Russia and other, formally Soviet, countries.

In her own country she is secretly admired. The authoritarian government, for concern of retaining power and peace, do not want to mention the existence of challenging voices. Alexievich, who is currently 67, published her first book 30 years ago. Despite relative obscurity to the mainstream public since then, she now has global notoriety. The government-controlled news hesitantly made a small mention of the award’s presentation to Alexiaivich and the president of Belarus even congratulated her on her achievement.

The tides of post-soviet history are beginning to go back out to sea, leaving space for modernistic ideas to penetrate the once unsolvable autocratic governments of former Soviet states. With the help of literary activists like Alexievich, the world is becoming a better place every day.

The Century of Women


Anthony Hamilton

It’s the Century of Women, and we have just the exhibit to pr20150929_131644ove it.

The Century of Women exhibit, on the third floor of the University Center is brought to us as part of the Victory Over Violence exhibit. The exhibit is being sponsored by Soka Gakkai International USA for World Peace. It contains women of all nationalities, and walks of life and celebrates their contributions to humanity.

One of the exhibit hosts, Mary Pegues, said that the exhibit was started by youth within their organization shortly after Columbine. Pegues said, “The actual Victory Over Violence exhibition was displayed at the University of Texas-Arlington two years ago.” The exhibit is a tribute to women who have made significant contributions to the world in ways ranging from Civil Rights, to Journalism, to fighting world hunger.

I found the exhibit interesting, as well as informative. There are women that I am familiar with, along with many that I am learning about for the first time. The two ladies that I am most informed about within the exhibit come from my studies of the Civil Rights movement. Coretta Scott-King, and Rosa Parks definitely made important contributions to humanity during that time.
We are graced with this exhibit at the request of the local Buddhist Organization. Pegues said that they tried to “piggyback the exhibit along with Homecoming, so more people would see it.” Pegues said she hopes everyone who visits the exhibit will leave understanding that women are a major source of power in this world, and they continue to make significant contributions to humanity.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Victory Over Violence or Soka Gakkai International can contact Mary Pegues at mary.pegues50@gmail.com, or Jason Burg at (580) 280-0050.

Exhibit hosts Mary Mickens and Mary Pegues

Exhibit hosts Mary Mickens and Mary Pegues

Rodman Requests Korean Prisoner Release

Blaine Shores

Former NBA Rebound Champion Dennis Rodman is looking into his friendship with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to request the release of a Korean-American man, the Associated Press reports.

“I’m calling on the Supreme Leader of North Korea, or as I call him ‘Kim’, to do me a solid and cut Kenneth Bae loose,” Rodman said on Twitter.

Kenneth Bae was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea for unspecified “hostile acts” against the country. The country said that the 44-year-old man entered North Korea under an alias.

Rodman called his tweet a direct response to a Seattle newspaper editorial that dared him to ask for the release since the two were close friends. Rodman also visited North Korea in February and sat with Kim at an exhibition basketball game at a time of high stakes between North Korea and the United States. The U.S. State department did not endorse the trip.

North Korea has not described the nature of Bae’s crimes. Political analysts have said that North Korea may be using Bae as bait to open negotiations with the United States over its nuclear arms program. Korea has said he is not a negotiating chip.

The U.S. and North Korea do not have formal diplomatic relations after the Korean War ended in a truce rather than a peace treaty. The U.S. has called for the North to release Bae immediately.

Rodman said after his February trip to North Korea that he has plans to return to the country in August to vacation with Kim who is a die-hard basketball fan.

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