Final Exam Week Tips

Final exam week is the week that every college student and maybe some professors dread. From a student’s perspective, I can tell you exactly how each of us are feeling. Most of us feel like pulling out our hair and we procrastinate like crazy…don’t do either of those. The semester is almost over, you made it this far so keep going! Pulling all-nighters is the norm, study groups are endless, and overloading on caffeine is the only way to survive. However, this time finals week will be different for you, right?

Here are a few tips that will hopefully help ease a few of those anxieties during “death week.”

Tip 1: Organize what finals you have:
First thing first, write down what finals you have coming up and the days in which you have them. Time management is everything during finals week, so by writing down your tests this will allow you to see what class you might have to devote more time to.

Tip 2: Get into a Nice Study Space:
When studying for a test it is important that you’re in a place that you can focus. Get rid of all things that can distract you, turn off your cell phone and television. This varies from person to person but for me personally, it helps to study in a clean space and organized space. Make sure that the lightning isn’t to dim and the space is quiet or at least have soft music playing in the background.

Tip 3: Go to Class:
I know this sounds like common sense, but you’ll be surprised of the number of students that begin to skip class closer to the end of the semester. Going to class can give you more insight on what could be on the final.

Tip 4: Pretend you are teaching the material to someone else:
When studying old notes and other materials for finals pretend as though you are teaching it to someone else. By doing this you’re more likely to remember what you studied.

Tip 5: Get plenty of sleep & eat healthy:
I know pulling all-nighters are the norm the week of finals, but getting plenty of sleep is the key to things sticking. An adequate amount of sleep can help a person be more productive while studying for finals. I know overloading on lots of caffeine and sugar is what a lot of students thrive off of but it’s bad if you’re trying to stay focus. I recommend eating lots of protein, fruits, and veggies. Personally, love eating a banana and drinking a Naked drink made with all natural fruits for breakfast. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!!

Tip 6: Organize a study group:
Most students benefit from study groups. Anything that you might’ve not understood during lecture your classmates might be able to elaborate on a variety of topics.

Tip 7: See the Counselor:
I know this may sound crazy or even embarrassing for some, but sometimes talking to someone about what it is you’re feeling can ease a lot of stress. Thousands if not millions of students suffer from test anxieties and in result they do poorly on tests. When the mind is at peace and free from worries you’re able to focus better. So, one quick visit to the school counselors’ office could help you do better on your finals. Also, this service is FREE of charge!

Hopefully these tips will help, don’t overthink the material and don’t second guess yourself during the examination. GOOD LUCK!

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